Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Party

Happy Friday Friends!!!  Today Peyton had his Valentine party at School.  Conner and I showed up to take some pic of the kiddos having lunch.  The menu was heart shaped peanut butter and jelly, chips, veg. sticks and valentine cookies.  Conner made himself right at home with the kids and had lunch with them.  It seems that all the girls love Conner and always saying hi to "Baby" that is what Peyton calls him so they all know him by that.  Very Cute!!!  
I also made Peyton's favors to go with his Valentine cards and made the teacher and the two helpers a candle covered with scrapbooking stuff.  Thank god for my friends last night that helped me finish them since I always wait to the last minute to do this kind of stuff. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


Julie said...

You so need to keep up with this. I love your posts!
The candles are CUTE!!! LOVE THEM! The boys aren't too bad either. Rebecca is gonna be so jealous of Breanna.

Stephanie said...

These turned out so cute! You're so good at this!