Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dr. Appointments

Good Morning!  Yes I missed a day for blogging.  After a day of Dr. appts. I was so tired last night to get on my computer.  The boys both had dentist appt. and Peyton had is 4 year physical.  It being the first dentist appt. for Conner it went really well.  Big brother was such a great help showing Conner how to do everything while he was sitting in the chair.  Great news from the Dr. "NO CAVITIES" for both boys.  With that being said they got to pick a toy out from the treasure chest.  We then headed to Dr. Pillai office for Peyton's check up.  He is getting so big he weights 43 lbs. and his height is 42.2.  He also had four shots.  After the nurse came in and gave him the shots in both arms he looked at me and started to tear up.  I told him it is ok to cry.  He never has been one to cry after getting shots.  It must be a boy thing trying to be hard and not show feelings.  We left the office and both boys fell sound to sleep on the way home.  
Today both boys are at school and I am doing laundry and hopefully getting some of my scrapbook pages together.  
Have a great day!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Its Monday!!!

Good Afternoon!  Today I had a little boy home (Conner) from school with the flu.  It was a real relaxed day while he slept most of the day.  The excitement of the day was taking Peyton to school for a few hours and then back to pick him up.  Now I am making dinner for the family.  We are having meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and salad.  I am not big on meat loaf but that is my husbands favorite.  Until next time have a great night.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Good Afternoon!  I am so glad the holidays have come and gone.  Back to reality!!  Doing laundry, cleaning and balancing my check book.  The boys and I haven't felt good today runny nose and a cough.  Not much today to update you on.  Until next time have a great day. 

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!  Hope everyone had a great night.  Our family celebrated the New Year at my girlfriend Michelle S. house.  I am so glad to have such great friends and family.  Today we just laid around in our pj's all day watching the Rose Parade and football games.  As I look back on 2009 it was a rockey and fast year.  I hope that 2010 is a much better year for everyone.  
What my resolution is for 2010 is to loose 10 to 15lbs. Get more scrapbook pages done.  Learn to make rag quilts and last but not least pay off bills while my husband is deployed for 7 months.  
Good night all!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day with the Boys

Tuesday December 29th the boys and I made a trip to Temecula to have lunch with my girlfriends.  After lunch the boys and Cousin Alicia made cupcakes with sprinkles at aunt Mandy's house.  Pretty layed back day.  Take care!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Missing in Action!!!

Hello!  Its been like for ever since I updated this blog.  I told myself that my New Years resolution would be to update my blog more often. My goals are to write a few words each day that tells alittle about my life on a daily bases.  With that being said come the first of the year I will be back to tell all.  

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Party

Happy Friday Friends!!!  Today Peyton had his Valentine party at School.  Conner and I showed up to take some pic of the kiddos having lunch.  The menu was heart shaped peanut butter and jelly, chips, veg. sticks and valentine cookies.  Conner made himself right at home with the kids and had lunch with them.  It seems that all the girls love Conner and always saying hi to "Baby" that is what Peyton calls him so they all know him by that.  Very Cute!!!  
I also made Peyton's favors to go with his Valentine cards and made the teacher and the two helpers a candle covered with scrapbooking stuff.  Thank god for my friends last night that helped me finish them since I always wait to the last minute to do this kind of stuff. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!