Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dr. Appointments

Good Morning!  Yes I missed a day for blogging.  After a day of Dr. appts. I was so tired last night to get on my computer.  The boys both had dentist appt. and Peyton had is 4 year physical.  It being the first dentist appt. for Conner it went really well.  Big brother was such a great help showing Conner how to do everything while he was sitting in the chair.  Great news from the Dr. "NO CAVITIES" for both boys.  With that being said they got to pick a toy out from the treasure chest.  We then headed to Dr. Pillai office for Peyton's check up.  He is getting so big he weights 43 lbs. and his height is 42.2.  He also had four shots.  After the nurse came in and gave him the shots in both arms he looked at me and started to tear up.  I told him it is ok to cry.  He never has been one to cry after getting shots.  It must be a boy thing trying to be hard and not show feelings.  We left the office and both boys fell sound to sleep on the way home.  
Today both boys are at school and I am doing laundry and hopefully getting some of my scrapbook pages together.  
Have a great day!

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